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desktop: add a <release> tag for GIMP 2.10 RC1.

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<release version="2.10 RC1" date="2018-03-23" type="development">
GIMP 2.10 RC1 is the first release candidate before GIMP 2.10
stable release, with a focus on debugging and stability.
Other than the many bug fixes, most notable improvements are:
<_li>New dashboard dockable to monitor GIMP resource usage</_li>
<_li>New debug dialog to produce back traces and other debug
data, encouraging to report bugs</_li>
<_li>Unsaved images can now be recovered after a crash</_li>
<_li>Layer masks on layer groups</_li>
<_li>JPEG 2000 support improved for high bit depth and various
color spaces</_li>
<_li>Screenshot and color picking improved on various platforms</_li>
<_li>Metadata defaults preferences now available</_li>
<_li>Various GUI polishing</_li>
<_p>For more information, see</_p>
<release version="2.9.8" date="2017-12-12" type="development">
<_p>GIMP 2.9.8 introduces on-canvas gradient
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