Commit a701767f authored by Tuomas Kuosmanen's avatar Tuomas Kuosmanen

fixed 4 missing \n's in de.po.. and since I dont have german kbd, someone

using one such fancy device needs to search for "<fixme-with-german-kbd>"
and make the obvious change. /tigert
parent f3afd40e
......@@ -133,11 +133,11 @@ msgstr "Einige Dateien wurden nicht gesichert. Wirklich beenden?"
#: app/batch.c:35
msgid "script-fu not available: batch mode disabled\n"
msgstr "script-fu nicht verf\374gbar: Stapelmodus ausgeschaltet"
msgstr "script-fu nicht verf<fixme-with-german-kbd>gbar: Stapelmodus ausgeschaltet\n"
#: app/batch.c:46
msgid "reading batch commands from stdin\n"
msgstr "lese Stapelkommandos aus Standardeingabe"
msgstr "lese Stapelkommandos aus Standardeingabe\n"
#: app/batch.c:83
msgid "batch command: experienced an execution error.\n"
......@@ -3922,7 +3922,7 @@ msgstr "Kann Pipeline nicht \366ffnen"
#: app/plug_in.c:932
msgid "unable to run plug-in: %s\n"
msgstr "Kann Erg\344nzung \"%s\" nicht starten"
msgstr "Kann Erg\344nzung \"%s\" nicht starten\n"
#: app/plug_in.c:1268
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Repeat last"
......@@ -4698,7 +4698,7 @@ msgstr ""
#: app/session.c:146
msgid "# GIMP sessionrc\n"
msgstr "GIMP Version"
msgstr "GIMP Version\n"
#: app/session.c:147
msgid "# This file takes session-specific info (that is info,\n"
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