Commit a63779e5 authored by Michael Natterer's avatar Michael Natterer 😴

app: remove obsolete check from gimp_plug_in_menu_register()

Plug-ins can't set a full menu path at procedure installation time any
longer, no need to check and warn about it here.
parent 4da47e25
......@@ -925,23 +925,6 @@ gimp_plug_in_menu_register (GimpPlugIn *plug_in,
if (! proc->menu_label)
gimp_message (plug_in->manager->gimp, NULL, GIMP_MESSAGE_ERROR,
"Plug-in \"%s\"\n(%s)\n"
"attempted to register the menu item \"%s\" "
"for procedure \"%s\".\n"
"The menu label given in gimp_install_procedure() "
"already contained a path. To make this work, "
"pass just the menu's label to "
gimp_object_get_name (plug_in),
gimp_file_get_utf8_name (plug_in->file),
menu_path, proc_name);
return FALSE;
if (! strlen (proc->menu_label))
gimp_message (plug_in->manager->gimp, NULL, GIMP_MESSAGE_ERROR,
"Plug-in \"%s\"\n(%s)\n"
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