Commit a51efd09 authored by Alexis Wilhelm's avatar Alexis Wilhelm Committed by Michael Natterer

Bug 663576 - make -C plug-ins/script-fu check-for-deprecated-procedures-in-script-fu...

...lists files that do not use deprecated functions

Better regex that matches the right stuff.
parent c38f14df
......@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ check-for-deprecated-procedures-in-script-fu:
deprecated_procs=`$(top_builddir)/app/gimp-$(GIMP_APP_VERSION)$(EXEEXT) --dump-pdb-procedures-deprecated`; \
for scm_file in $$scm_files; do \
for proc in $$deprecated_procs; do \
if grep -qw $$proc $$scm_file; then \
if grep -Eq "^([^;]*[[:blank:](])?$$proc([[:blank:])]|$$)" $$scm_file; then \
echo "$${scm_file} uses deprecated procedure '$${proc}'"; \
fi \
done \
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