Commit 9f3ee499 authored by Jehan's avatar Jehan

app: run errors_init() after gimp_load_config().

Since error handling is based on preferences, the config needs to be
loaded first. Otherwise the gimp->config object does not exist yet and
we get a bunch of "'G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed" assertion which
recurse in error handling when trying to get the "debug-policy"
Just init the error handling later. It means it won't handle early
loading code, but that is not much of an issue.
parent 3261e03d
......@@ -276,18 +276,21 @@ app_run (const gchar *full_prog_name,
g_object_unref (gimpdir);
gimp_load_config (gimp, alternate_system_gimprc, alternate_gimprc);
/* Initialize the error handling after creating/migrating the config
* directory because it will create some folders for backup and crash
* logs in advance. Therefore running this before
* gimp_user_install_new() would break migration as well as initial
* folder creations.
* It also needs to be run after gimp_load_config() because error
* handling is based on Preferences. It means that early loading code
* is not handled by our debug code, but that's not a big deal.
errors_init (gimp, full_prog_name, use_debug_handler,
stack_trace_mode, backtrace_file);
gimp_load_config (gimp, alternate_system_gimprc, alternate_gimprc);
/* run the late-stage sanity check. it's important that this check is run
* after the call to language_init() (see comment in sanity_check_late().)
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