Commit 9e6f5000 authored by Martin Nordholts's avatar Martin Nordholts

app/tests: Give possible solution to 'keyboard_zoom_focus' failing

parent 6fc4c422
......@@ -338,7 +338,15 @@ keyboard_zoom_focus (GimpTestFixture *fixture,
factor_after_zoom = gimp_zoom_model_get_factor (shell->zoom);
/* First of all make sure a zoom happend at all */
/* First of all make sure a zoom happend at all. If this assert
* fails, it means that the zoom didn't happen. Possible causes:
* * gdk_test_simulate_key() failed to map 'GDK_plus' to the proper
* 'plus' X keysym, probably because it is mapped to a keycode
* with modifiers like 'shift'. Run "xmodmap -pk | grep plus" to
* find out. Make sure 'plus' is the first keysym for the given
* keycode. If not, use "xmodmap <keycode> = plus" to correct it.
g_assert_cmpfloat (fabs (factor_before_zoom - factor_after_zoom),
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