Commit 9b82bc3e authored by Jehan's avatar Jehan
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plug-ins: force at least 0.5s delay to full-screen screenshots on KDE.

The plug-in dialog GUI was always visible in my full-screen screenshots
on KDE, when no delay. It seems the culprit is their fading out effect
which takes longer than the screenshot to happen, therefore the dialog
was showing up with transparency.
parent f9076ae2
......@@ -97,6 +97,15 @@ screenshot_kwin_shoot (ScreenshotValues *shootvals,
if (shootvals->screenshot_delay > 0)
screenshot_delay (shootvals->screenshot_delay);
/* As an exception, I force a delay of at least 0.5 seconds
* for KWin. Because of windows effect slowly fading out, the
* screenshot plug-in GUI was constantly visible (with
* transparency as it is fading out) in 0s-delay screenshots.
g_usleep (500000);
method = "screenshotFullscreen";
args = g_variant_new ("(b)", shootvals->show_cursor);
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