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news update for HEAD branch

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......@@ -32,3 +32,22 @@ Changes in GIMP 2.3
- prepared code for accessing remote files in the file-chooser
- let all dialogs obey the gtk-alternative-button-order setting
- extended GimpProgress PDB API
- improved file type handling in file save dialog
- resurrected threaded pixel processor and enable it by default
- parallelized a few more internal functions
- speed up gradient dithering
- improved PSD save plug-in
- improved Python bindings
- allow to resize layers with the image
- allow to control letter spacing in the text tool
- added path-on-path functionality, use it to implement Text on Path
- improved gradient editor
- allow to import paths from a string
- ported all code to gstdio wrappers
- added infrastructure for color sample points
- added first draft of a metadata editor plug-in
- speed up burn compositing function
- added Altivec versions of some compositing functions
- added PDB API to control the number of columns in a palette
- lots of bug-fixes
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