Commit 970e9aca authored by Jehan's avatar Jehan

app: exclusive visibility toggle should also update same level items.

When toggling visibility of a child in an item group, we should also
toggle the visibility of other items in the same group, as well as
top-level items. Otherwise toggling exclusive visibility of any item in
a group is identical to toggling the parent's exclusive visibility,
which is simply absurd.
We still don't touch visibility of items in other groups.
parent 3d7716ae
......@@ -256,9 +256,11 @@ gimp_item_exclusive_get_lists (GimpItem *item,
if (other != item)
/* we are only interested in toplevel items that are not
* item's ancestor
* item's ancestor and same level items.
if (! gimp_viewable_get_parent (GIMP_VIEWABLE (other)) &&
if ((! gimp_viewable_get_parent (GIMP_VIEWABLE (other)) ||
gimp_viewable_get_parent (GIMP_VIEWABLE (other)) ==
gimp_viewable_get_parent (GIMP_VIEWABLE (item))) &&
! gimp_viewable_is_ancestor (GIMP_VIEWABLE (other),
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