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......@@ -22,6 +22,14 @@ Core:
- Color scales widget settings regarding RGB 0..255/0..100 and LCh/HSV choices
are now stored across sessions.
- All code is now multi-item aware (even though it might mean specififically
forbidding using some features on multiple items).
- DBus is now explicitly disabled on macOS.
- Better support of non-ASCII characters in paths on Windows and other fixes
for Windows: API un-deprecation, unicode variants of functions…
- Copy|Cut-Paste code reworked further.
- Action "Crop to Selection" renamed to "Resize Layers to Selection".
- Action "Crop to Content" renamed to "Crop Layers to Content".
......@@ -49,11 +57,34 @@ Plug-ins:
lack of support in GIO for macOS platform).
- DDS:
* OpenMP support enabled when available on the build machine.
- All Python 3 plug-ins whose Python 2 variants used to have a GUI now also
have one.
- Script "Predator" removed.
- Changes in libgimpwidgets:
* New functions:
+ gimp_int_store_new_array(): variant of gimp_int_store_new() which will
work in bindings.
+ gimp_spin_scale_get_mnemonic_keyval()
- Changes in libgimp:
* New classes:
+ GimpResource
+ GimpBrush
+ GimpFont
+ GimpGradient
+ GimpPalette
+ GimpPattern
- Changes in libgimpbase:
* New functions:
+ gimp_bind_text_domain()
- meson: make sure libgimp does not depend on GTK+.
- GLib requirement bumped to version 2.70 as minimum.
- Improved C99 compatibility of IPC_RMID check.
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