Commit 9069d812 authored by Jacob Boerema's avatar Jacob Boerema

libgimpbase: fix #2253 saving metadata failed if Pentax PreviewOffset present in exif tags.

Partially based on the comments of Massimo Valentini we block all Pentax and PentaxDng
exif Preview tags from being exported. We leave finding a more flexible solution for
problematic tags to a future contributor.
parent 64bfa57e
......@@ -135,7 +135,15 @@ static const gchar *unsupported_tags[] =
/* FIXME Even though adding the tags below fixes the issue it's not very flexible.
It might be better in the long run if there was a way for a user to configure which
tags to block or a way for us to detect problems with tags before writing them. */
/* Issues #1367, #2253. Offending tag is PreviewOffset but the other Preview tags
(PreviewResolution, PreviewLength, PreviewImageBorders) also make no sense because
we are not including a Pentax specific preview image. */
static const guint8 minimal_exif[] =
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