Commit 9005889d authored by Tuomas Kuosmanen's avatar Tuomas Kuosmanen

Updated TODO to contain some ideas (search for 'banner ad' and 'mockup'

or 'tigert' :)  --tigert
parent 379eccec
......@@ -24,6 +24,12 @@ fix the palette dialogs
Palettes should become a first-class core data structure (like
layers) with their own PDB interface. (Goes with below.) --sg
* User opinion: The menubox has one big advantage: it is
_small_ in size. The problem with _lots_ of palette files is
known. But is it possible to make the menubox make
submenus if it gets longer than the screen? Isnt this more
like a gtk-issue? * --tigert
integrate palette saving into core
An option to save a current images pallete to a file is
......@@ -36,6 +42,28 @@ more configurabilty (eek)
buttons into the toolbox and attach arbitrary functions to
them. --sg
What about a second button-bar? We dont have icons to add to the
main toolbar anyway, so it would be hard to distinguish what
button does what (they are small -> text wont fit).
Look at my mockup:
It might work in such way that
1. you click add -> new button
2. then right click on it -> you would get the normal <Image>
-menu (like when clicking right mousebutton over an image)
from which you could select the plugin/tool to assign to
this button.
3. To apply the thing to an image you first click on the
button and the statusbar would show something like 'click
on an image to apply function xxxx' -> click an image to
assign the tool an image and apply it.
Now this is just an idea, but it might solve the 'which image do
we want to apply things to? -problem.
Also see
Simon Budig has an experiment similar to this. Maybe it would
make sense to implement something like this?
fix stuff so that the tile size could actually be changed eventually
Currently gimp core is mostly setup to use a potentially
......@@ -55,8 +83,14 @@ file new dialog stuff (i'm working on this...Adrian)
2. add units and resolution options
3. make x,y values have dropdowns for last 5 or so used sizes
4. maybe an estimate of how much ram the image will take?
5. maybe some "preset" common image sizes?
6. resoltuion/units need to be exported to the whole app
5. maybe some "preset" common image sizes?
* 468x60 banner ad
* 88x31 banner ad (Netscape NOW! -button for example)
* A4, A5, A6, US Letter etc.. sizes so that they take
the chosen resolution into account ("Hm. I need to make
an A4 sized pic in 300DPI...") --tigert
6. resolution/units need to be exported to the whole app
(probabaly in gimage.c) so size/scale, text tool, etc can
use them.
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