Commit 8e329d25 authored by Jehan's avatar Jehan

build: replace `flatpak build-export` by `flatpak-builder --export-only`

build-export is actually a low-level tool used by flatpak-builder. When
using it directly, debug and locale extensions were not extracted as
separate extensions (unless tweaking complicated command lines), ending
up with a huge GIMP flatpak with the current procedure.
Since flatpak 0.9.5, the option --export-only has been added to
`flatpak-builder` so that the build and the export can be made in 2
separate steps while using the high level procedure.
parent 625ec4b7
......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ GIMP Flatpak HowTo
* Install flatpak and flatpak-builder. There are packages for most
distributions. Check:
Use at least flatpak 0.9.5.
* Make sure `appstream-compose` is installed as well. This is used to parse the
appdata file and generate the appstream (metadata like comments, etc.).
......@@ -91,10 +92,13 @@ Or if you already have a build:
* Export the 2 builds:
> flatpak build-export --gpg-sign=YOUR_GPG_KEY /path/to/repo gimp-flatpak-build-x86-64
> flatpak build-export --gpg-sign=YOUR_GPG_KEY /path/to/repo gimp-flatpak-build-i386
> flatpak-builder --export-only --gpg-sign=YOUR_GPG_KEY --repo=/path/to/repo --arch=x86_64 gimp-flatpak-build-x86-64 org.gimp.GIMP.json
> flatpak-builder --export-only --gpg-sign=YOUR_GPG_KEY --repo=/path/to/repo --arch=i386 gimp-flatpak-build-i386 org.gimp.GIMP.json
If you key was protected with a passphrase, you will need to input it.
The same repository will contain all the builds.
Note: do not use `flatpak build-export` which is an internal low-level
command. See
* Test it locally with:
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