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oops, forgot to commit these

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......@@ -555,3 +555,40 @@ gimp_path_to_selection (gint32 image_ID,
return success;
* gimp_path_import:
* @image_ID: The image.
* @filename: The name of the SVG file to import.
* @merge: Merge paths into a single vectors object.
* Import paths from an SVG file.
* This procedure imports path from an SVG file. This is a temporary
* solution until the new vectors PDB API is in place. Don't rely on
* this function being available in future GIMP releases.
* Returns: TRUE on success.
gimp_path_import (gint32 image_ID,
const gchar *filename,
gboolean merge)
GimpParam *return_vals;
gint nreturn_vals;
gboolean success = TRUE;
return_vals = gimp_run_procedure ("gimp_path_import",
GIMP_PDB_STRING, filename,
GIMP_PDB_INT32, merge,
success = return_vals[0].data.d_status == GIMP_PDB_SUCCESS;
gimp_destroy_params (return_vals, nreturn_vals);
return success;
......@@ -70,6 +70,9 @@ gboolean gimp_path_to_selection (gint32 image_ID,
gboolean feather,
gdouble feather_radius_x,
gdouble feather_radius_y);
gboolean gimp_path_import (gint32 image_ID,
const gchar *filename,
gboolean merge);
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