Commit 819a2756 authored by Jehan's avatar Jehan

Bug 734982 - update project information upon release.

I've made the download and home page of gimp-web as generic as possible
so that one will just have to update GIMP_VERSIONS in order to release a
new version. In particular, no boring editing of hardcoded versions in
html pages anymore.
Also adding an item to update the authors page as well (which is
generated so it's just a matter of moving a file).
parent 715c4586
......@@ -122,11 +122,15 @@
( ) Check out or update the 'gimp-web' module, check out its testing
[ ] Change the file content/downloads/ to reference the
new source release.
[ ] Update the file 'GIMP_VERSIONS' adding the version, release
date, tarball name and its MD5 hash under "STABLE".
[ ] Create a news items for the release in content/news/
[ ] Run `make` in GIMP repository. This will generate
the file ``. Move it to ./content/about/ on
the 'gimp-web' module and commit it.
[ ] Commit and push the changes, the web server should then
update itself soon (it checks for updates every 5 minutes).
Go to to verify the changes.
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