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czech translation update

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Tue Jan 11 21:00:11 CET 2000 Stanislav Brabec <>
* cs.po: Updated translation.
* ru.po: Added Russian translation from
Valek Filippov <>
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: gimp-perl 1\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 1999-09-12 17:58+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2000-01-07 13:26+01:00\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2000-01-11 16:45+01:00\n"
"Last-Translator: Stanislav Brabec <>\n"
"Language-Team: Czech <>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
......@@ -49,7 +49,8 @@ msgid ""
msgstr ""
" argumenty-rozhran jsou\n"
" -o | --output <soubor> zape obrzek na disk, nezobrazuje\n"
" -i | --interact nech uivatele nejdve upravit hodnoty\n"
" -i | --interact nech uivatele nejdve upravit "
" argumenty-skriptu jsou\n"
msgid "being called as '%s', but '%s' not registered in the pdb"
......@@ -167,9 +168,8 @@ msgstr ""
msgid "received QUIT request"
msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Web/Webify"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Mapovn/Rozmznut..."
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Web/Webifikovat"
msgid "<Toolbox>/Xtns/PDB Explorer"
msgstr "<Toolbox>/Xtns/PDB badatel"
......@@ -202,40 +202,35 @@ msgstr ""
" (vce informac viz Gimp::Net(3))\n"
#, fuzzy
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Animation/Animate Cells"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Animace/Optimalizace animace"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Animace/Animovat buky"
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Logulator/Starburst"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Logultor/Pronikn hvzd"
#, fuzzy
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Logulator/SOTA Chrome"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Logultor/Kolorovn..."
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Logultor/SOTA barvy"
#, fuzzy
msgid "%s: procedural database execution failed"
msgstr "Procedurln databze"
msgstr "%s: vykonn procedurln databze selhalo"
msgid "authorization required for tcp connections"
msgstr ""
msgstr "pro tcp spojen je vyadovna autorizece"
msgid "<Toolbox>/Xtns/Perl/Server"
msgstr "<Toolbox>/Roz./Perl/Server"
msgid "function name contains dashes instead of underscores"
msgstr ""
msgstr "jmno funkce obsahuje pomlky msto podtrtek"
#, fuzzy
msgid "authorization ok, but: $r[1]\n"
msgstr "ttec selhal."
msgstr "autorizace je v podku, ale $r[1]\n"
#, fuzzy
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Render/Highlight Edges"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Vpoty/Sinus..."
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Vpoty/Zvraznn hran"
msgid "a color must have three components (array elements)"
msgstr ""
msgstr "barva mus mt ti komponenty (prvky pole)"
msgid "<Toolbox>/Xtns/Render/Pixelgenerator"
msgstr "<Toolbox>/Roz./Vpoty/Genertor pixel"
......@@ -249,20 +244,17 @@ msgstr ""
msgid "TYPE"
msgstr "TYP"
#, fuzzy
msgid "Gradient Selection Dialog"
msgstr "Vbr barvy"
msgstr "Dialog vbru pechodu"
msgid "Function Info"
msgstr "Informace o funkci"
#, fuzzy
msgid "unable to open $rgb_db_path"
msgstr "nepodailo se otevt rouru"
msgstr "nepodailo se otevt $rgb_db_path"
#, fuzzy
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Logulator/Imigre-26"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Logultor/Kolorovn..."
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Logultor/Imigre-26"
msgid "<Image>/Select/Round Rectangular Selection"
msgstr "<Image>/Vbr/Zaoblen obdlnkov vbr"
......@@ -271,26 +263,25 @@ msgid "<Image>/Filters/Map/Pixelmap"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Mapovn/Pixelov mapa"
msgid "no additional information available, use --help\n"
msgstr ""
msgstr "doplkov informace nejsou k dispozici, pouijte --help\n"
#, fuzzy
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Render/Brushed Metal"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Vpoty/Sinus..."
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Vpoty/Naten kov"
msgid "gimp_tile_set_data is not yet implemented\n"
msgstr ""
msgstr "gimp_tile_set_data nen dosud implementovno\n"
msgid "Visual Scriptor"
msgstr "Vizuln skriptor"
msgid "No horizontal or vertical guides found. Aborted."
msgstr ""
msgstr "Nebyly nalezeny dn vodorovn ani svisl vodtka. Zrueno."
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Map/Image Tile"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Mapovn/Povrch obrazu"
msgid "Internal error: stashname too long, please report!"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Vnitn chyba: stashname je pli dlouh, podejte prosm zprvu!"
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Logulator/Comic Book"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Logultor/Komick kniha"
......@@ -299,19 +290,19 @@ msgid "<Image>/Guides/Remove Guides"
msgstr "<Image>/Vodtka/Smazat vodtka"
msgid "Internal error: Gimp::Net #101, please report!"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Vnitn chyba: Gimp::Net #101, podejte prosm zprvu!"
msgid "get current background colour from the gimp"
msgstr ""
msgid "WARNING: shared locking requested but not implemented"
msgstr ""
msgstr "VAROVN: poadovno neimplemetovan sdlen uzamen"
msgid "parameter '$entry->[1]' is not optional\n"
msgstr ""
msgstr "parametr '$entry->[1]' nen voliteln\n"
msgid "$s: not an integer\n"
msgstr ""
msgstr "$s: nen cel slo\n"
msgid "unable to read '$fn': $!"
msgstr "nepodailo se st '$fn': $!"
......@@ -323,34 +314,31 @@ msgid "[undefined]"
msgstr "[nedefinovno]"
msgid "function/macro \"$name\" not found in $class"
msgstr ""
msgstr "funkce/macro \"$name\" nebylo nalezeno v $class"
msgid "accepted tcp connection from "
msgstr ""
msgstr "pijato tcp spojen od "
msgid "<Image>/Layers/Stack/Reorder Layers"
msgstr "<Image>/Vrstvy/Zsobnk/Peazen vrstev"
msgid "illegal parasite specification, expected three array members"
msgstr ""
msgstr "neplatn specifikace parazita, oekvno tlenn pole"
#, fuzzy
msgid "unable to read temporary file $tmp: $!"
msgstr "nepodailo se nalzt zsuvn modul: \"%s\""
msgstr "nepodailo se st z pomocnho souboru $tmp: $!"
msgid "PDB Explorer - the olof edition (yet still an alpha version)"
msgstr ""
msgstr "PDB badatel - vydn olof (stle jet alfa verze)"
msgid "Illegal default font description for $function: $val\n"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Neplatn popis implicitnho psma pro $function: $val\n"
#, fuzzy
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Logulator/Chalk"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Logultor/"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Logultor/Kda"
#, fuzzy
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Render/Stampify"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Vpoty/Sinus..."
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Vpoty/Tvorba raztka"
msgid "unable to convert Gimp::Drawable into Gimp::GDrawable (id %d)"
msgstr ""
......@@ -402,9 +390,8 @@ msgstr ""
msgid "<Toolbox>/Xtns/Render/Yin-Yang"
msgstr "<Toolbox>/Roz./Vpoty/Jin-jang"
#, fuzzy
msgid "unable to accept unix connection: $!\n"
msgstr "nepodailo se nalzt zsuvn modul: \"%s\""
msgstr "nepodailo se pijmout unixov spojen $!\n"
msgid "Save"
msgstr "Zapsat"
......@@ -415,29 +402,33 @@ msgid ""
msgstr ""
msgid ""
"the gtk perl module is required to run\n"
"this plug-in in interactive mode\n"
msgstr ""
"pro interaktivn sputn modulu\n"
"je potebn modul gtk perl\n"
msgid "<Toolbox>/Xtns/Render/Golden Mean"
msgstr "<Toolbox>/Roz./Vpoty/Zlat vzhled"
#, fuzzy
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Distorts/BlowInOut"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Rozosten/Rozosten..."
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Zkreslen/Rozosten..."
msgid "interface '$interface_type' unsupported."
msgstr ""
msgstr "rozhran '$interface_type' nen podporovno."
#, fuzzy
msgid "unable to accept tcp connection: $!\n"
msgstr "nepodailo se nalzt zsuvn modul: \"%s\""
msgstr "nepodailo se pijmout tcp spojen: $!\n"
#, fuzzy
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Logulator/3D Outline"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Logultor/Kolorovn..."
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Logultor/3D obrys"
msgid ""
"dimension mismatch, pdl has dimension %d but at least %d dimensions required"
......@@ -566,7 +557,7 @@ msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/V
#, fuzzy
msgid "-*-courier-medium-r-normal--*-120-*-*-*-*-*"
msgstr "-Adobe-Helvetica-Medium-R-Normal--*-140-*-*-*-*-*-*"
msgstr "-*-courier-medium-r-normal--*-120-*-*-*-*-*"
msgid "Synopsis"
msgstr ""
......@@ -575,7 +566,7 @@ msgid "Color"
msgstr "Barva"
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Logulator/Alien Glow"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Barvy/Logultor/Ciz r..."
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Barvy/Ciz r"
msgid "FATAL: canonicalize_colour did not return a value!"
msgstr ""
......@@ -818,28 +809,26 @@ msgid "<Image>/Filters/Logulator/Gradient Bevel"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Logultor/"
msgid "gimp didn't return an execution status, fatal error"
msgstr ""
msgstr "gimp nevrtil stav vykonn, fatln chyba"
msgid "expected protocol version $Gimp::_PROT_VERSION, but server uses $r[0]\n"
msgstr ""
"oekvn protokol verze $Gimp::_PROT_VERSION, ale server pouv $r[0]\n"
#, fuzzy
msgid "-*-helvetica-medium-r-normal-*-34-*-*-*-p-*-iso8859-1"
msgstr "-Adobe-Helvetica-Medium-R-Normal--*-140-*-*-*-*-*-*"
msgstr "-*-helvetica-medium-r-normal-*-34-*-*-*-p-*-iso8859-2"
msgid "Restore values to the previous ones"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Vrtit na pedchoz hodnoty"
msgid "<Image> plug-in called without both image and drawable arguments!\n"
msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
msgid ", authorization required"
msgstr "ttec selhal."
msgstr ", poadovna autorizace"
#, fuzzy
msgid "unable to create listening unix socket: $!\n"
msgstr "nepodailo se nalzt zsuvn modul: \"%s\""
msgstr "nepodailo se vytvoit naslouchac unixov soket: $!\n"
msgid ""
"invalid GIMP_HOST: 'spawn' is not a valid connection method for the server"
......@@ -849,7 +838,7 @@ msgid "Last Modified"
msgstr "Naposled zmnno"
msgid "Shortcuts"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Klvesov zkratky"
msgid ""
"the gtk perl module is required to open a dialog\n"
......@@ -861,14 +850,15 @@ msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Distorts/MirrorSplit"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Barvy/Kolorovn..."
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Zkreslen/Zrcadlov roztpen"
msgid "Font Selection Dialog ($desc)"
msgstr "Dialog vbtu psma ($desc)"
#, fuzzy
msgid "%s: procedural database execution failed on invalid input arguments"
msgstr "Procedurln databze"
msgstr ""
"%s: vykonn procedurln databze selhalo na neplatnch vstupnch "
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Colors/Colour To Alpha"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Barvy/Barva do alfa"
......@@ -879,20 +869,17 @@ msgstr ""
msgid "closing connection %d (%d requests in %g seconds)"
msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Logulator/Frosty"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Logultor/"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Logultor/Mrazivo"
#, fuzzy
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Render/TeX String"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Vpoty/Sinus..."
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Vpoty/etzec TeX"
msgid "<Toolbox>/Xtns/Render/Font Table"
msgstr "<Toolbox>/Roz./Vpoty/Tabulka psma"
#, fuzzy
msgid "authorization failed: $r[1]\n"
msgstr "ttec selhal."
msgstr "autorizace selhala: $r[1]\n"
msgid "FATAL: Gimp::Compat version mismatch\n"
msgstr ""
......@@ -900,9 +887,8 @@ msgstr ""
msgid "server version $Gimp::VERSION started"
msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
msgid "authorization unnecessary"
msgstr "ttec selhal."
msgstr "autorizace nen nutn"
msgid ""
"$function: calling $AUTOLOAD without specifying the :auto import tag is "
......@@ -910,25 +896,22 @@ msgid ""
msgstr ""
msgid "Internal error: Gimp::Net #100, please report!"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Vnitn chyba: Gimp::Net #100, podejte prosm zprvu!"
msgid "Close"
msgstr "Zavt"
#, fuzzy
msgid "<Image>/Edit/Repeat & Duplicate"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Opakovat minul"
msgstr "<Image>/pravy/Opakovn a duplikace"
msgid "illegal parasite specification, arrayref expected"
msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
msgid "unable to fork: $!"
msgstr "nepodailo se otevt rouru"
msgstr "nepodailo se vtvit: $!"
#, fuzzy
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Distorts/Windify"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Barvy/Kolorovn..."
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Zkreslen/Rozfoukn"
msgid "Unsupported argumenttype $type"
msgstr ""
......@@ -936,74 +919,67 @@ msgstr ""
msgid "get current foreground colour from the gimp"
msgstr ""
#, fuzzy
msgid "<Toolbox>/Xtns/Perl Example Plug-in"
msgstr "/Roz./Vpoty/Loga"
msgstr "<Toolbox>/Roz./Zkouka perl modulu"
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Logulator/Neon"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Logultor/Nen"
#, fuzzy
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Logulator/Chrome"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Logultor/"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Logultor/Barvy"
msgid "Unable to read temporary image tile $tmp: $!"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Nepodailo se st z pomocn obrzkov dladice $tmp: $!"
msgid "<Image>/Guides/To Selection"
msgstr "<Image>/Vodtka/Do vbru"
#, fuzzy
msgid "export failed"
msgstr "Exportovat soubor"
msgstr "exportovn selhalo"
msgid "Help for "
msgstr "Npovda pro "
msgid "unsupported status code: %d, fatal error\n"
msgstr ""
msgstr "nepodporovan stavov kd: %d, fatln chyba\n"
#, fuzzy
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Logulator/Chip Away"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Barvy/Kolorovn..."
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Barvy/Odtpnut"
#, fuzzy
msgid "dunno how to pass arg type %d"
msgstr "neznm typ komprese: %d"
msgstr "nen znmo, jak zpracovat argument typu %d"
msgid " (press Tab to complete)"
msgstr "(k dokonen stisknte Tab)"
msgid "This module was built without support for PDL."
msgstr ""
msgstr "Tento modul byl sestaven bez podpory PDL."
#, fuzzy
msgid "<Toolbox>/Xtns/Homepage-Logo"
msgstr "/Script-Fu"
msgstr "<Toolbox>/Roz./Logo domovsk strnky"
msgid "plug-in returned %d more values than expected"
msgstr ""
msgstr "modul vrtil o %d vce hodnot, ne bylo oekvno"
msgid "FG"
msgstr "Poped"
msgid "url size is too large ($max > 1024)\n"
msgstr ""
msgstr "pli dlouh url ($max > 1024)\n"
msgid "$function: argument/return value '$p->[1]' has illegal type '$p->[0]'"
msgstr ""
"$function: argument/nvratov hodnota '$p->[1]' m neplatn typ '$p->[0]'"
#, fuzzy
msgid "Edit"
msgstr "Konec"
msgstr "pravy"
#, fuzzy
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Logulator/Starscape"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Logultor/Rozmznut..."
#, fuzzy
msgid "<Image>/Filters/Enhance/2x2 Contrast Enhance"
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Vylepen/Odstrann pruh..."
msgstr "<Image>/Filtry/Vylepen/Vylepen kontrastu 22"
msgid ""
"$function: argument name '$p->[1]' contains illegal characters, only 0-9, "
......@@ -1014,13 +990,11 @@ msgid "OK"
msgstr "OK"
msgid "illegal command received, aborting connection"
msgstr ""
msgstr "pijat neplatn pkaz, ru se spojen"
#, fuzzy
msgid "<Image>/Layers/Layer to Image Size"
msgstr "<Image>/Vrstvy/Rotace/90 stup"
msgstr "<Image>/Vrstvy/Velikost vrstvy dle obrzku"
#, fuzzy
msgid "(none)"
msgstr "Nen"
msgstr "(nic)"
Tue Jan 11 20:53:44 CET 2000 Stanislav Brabec <>
* cs.po: Updated translation.
Tue Jan 11 12:09:05 CET 2000 Sven Neumann <>
* updated german translation (most work done by Daniel Egger)
This source diff could not be displayed because it is too large. You can view the blob instead.
Tue Jan 11 20:57:40 CET 2000 Stanislav Brabec <>
* cs.po: Updated translation.
2000-01-11 Yuri Syrota <>
* uk.po: Added Ukrainian translation
......@@ -5,8 +5,8 @@
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: GIMP 1.1.14\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2000-01-06 14:39+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2000-01-07 14:25+01:00\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2000-01-11 13:07+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2000-01-11 13:20+01:00\n"
"Last-Translator: Stanislav Brabec <>\n"
"Language-Team: Czech <>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ msgstr "Tlak:"
msgid "GIMP Startup"
msgstr "Spout se program GIMP"
#: app/app_procs.c:476 app/gimprc.c:428
#: app/app_procs.c:476 app/gimprc.c:430
#, c-format
msgid "parsing \"%s\"\n"
msgstr "analyzuje se \"%s\"\n"
......@@ -53,22 +53,22 @@ msgid "Parasites"
msgstr "Cizopasnci"
#. initialize the global parasite table
#: app/app_procs.c:538 app/internal_procs.c:71 app/preferences_dialog.c:2227
#: app/app_procs.c:538 app/internal_procs.c:71 app/preferences_dialog.c:2333
msgid "Brushes"
msgstr "ttce"
#. initialize the list of gimp brushes
#: app/app_procs.c:540 app/internal_procs.c:143 app/preferences_dialog.c:2235
#: app/app_procs.c:540 app/internal_procs.c:143 app/preferences_dialog.c:2341
msgid "Patterns"
msgstr "Vzorky"
#. initialize the list of gimp patterns
#: app/app_procs.c:542 app/preferences_dialog.c:2239
#: app/app_procs.c:542 app/preferences_dialog.c:2345
msgid "Palettes"
msgstr "Palety"
#. initialize the list of gimp palettes
#: app/app_procs.c:544 app/internal_procs.c:113 app/preferences_dialog.c:2243
#: app/app_procs.c:544 app/internal_procs.c:113 app/preferences_dialog.c:2349
msgid "Gradients"
msgstr "Pechody"
......@@ -86,12 +86,12 @@ msgstr "Konec"
#: app/curves.c:564 app/file_new_dialog.c:199 app/file_new_dialog.c:383
#: app/gdisplay_color_ui.c:128 app/gdisplay_ops.c:356 app/gimpprogress.c:114
#: app/gimpui.c:254 app/global_edit.c:728 app/gradient.c:1789
#: app/gradient.c:4871 app/gradient.c:5432 app/hue_saturation.c:376
#: app/interface.c:965 app/layers_dialog.c:3351 app/layers_dialog.c:3557
#: app/gradient.c:4876 app/gradient.c:5437 app/hue_saturation.c:376
#: app/interface.c:967 app/layers_dialog.c:3351 app/layers_dialog.c:3557
#: app/layers_dialog.c:3682 app/layers_dialog.c:3796 app/layers_dialog.c:4083
#: app/levels.c:368 app/palette.c:1852 app/posterize.c:200
#: app/preferences_dialog.c:1266 app/qmask.c:257 app/resize.c:193
#: app/threshold.c:274 modules/cdisplay_gamma.c:349
#: app/levels.c:354 app/palette.c:1852 app/posterize.c:200
#: app/preferences_dialog.c:1357 app/qmask.c:257 app/resize.c:193
#: app/threshold.c:274 modules/cdisplay_gamma.c:358
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Zruit"
......@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@ msgstr "Pozad
msgid "Custom from Editor"
msgstr "Vlastn z editoru"
#: app/blend.c:269 app/gradient.c:528 app/preferences_dialog.c:1517
#: app/blend.c:269 app/gradient.c:528 app/preferences_dialog.c:1608
msgid "Linear"
msgstr "Linern"
......@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@ msgstr "Spir
msgid "Spiral (anticlockwise)"
msgstr "Spirla (proti smru hodinovch ruiek)"
#: app/blend.c:295 app/preferences_dialog.c:1563
#: app/blend.c:295 app/preferences_dialog.c:1654
msgid "None"
msgstr "Nic"
......@@ -259,16 +259,16 @@ msgstr "Jas-kontrast"
#: app/curves.c:560 app/file_new_dialog.c:197 app/file_new_dialog.c:379
#: app/gdisplay_color_ui.c:126 app/gimpui.c:252 app/gimpui.c:632
#: app/hue_saturation.c:372 app/layers_dialog.c:3349 app/layers_dialog.c:3555
#: app/layers_dialog.c:3680 app/layers_dialog.c:4081 app/levels.c:364
#: app/module_db.c:277 app/posterize.c:196 app/preferences_dialog.c:1262
#: app/layers_dialog.c:3680 app/layers_dialog.c:4081 app/levels.c:350
#: app/module_db.c:281 app/posterize.c:196 app/preferences_dialog.c:1353
#: app/qmask.c:255 app/resize.c:191 app/threshold.c:270
#: modules/cdisplay_gamma.c:342
#: modules/cdisplay_gamma.c:351
msgid "OK"
msgstr "OK"
#: app/brightness_contrast.c:215 app/by_color_select.c:589
#: app/color_balance.c:272 app/curves.c:562 app/file_new_dialog.c:381
#: app/hue_saturation.c:374 app/levels.c:366 app/posterize.c:198
#: app/hue_saturation.c:374 app/levels.c:352 app/posterize.c:198
#: app/threshold.c:272 app/tools.c:984 app/transform_core.c:413
msgid "Reset"
msgstr "Obnovit"
......@@ -285,7 +285,7 @@ msgstr "Kontrast"
#. The preview toggle
#: app/brightness_contrast.c:299 app/color_balance.c:440 app/curves.c:671
#: app/fileops.c:416 app/hue_saturation.c:564 app/levels.c:589
#: app/fileops.c:416 app/hue_saturation.c:564 app/levels.c:575
#: app/palette.c:3297 app/posterize.c:237 app/threshold.c:347
msgid "Preview"
msgstr "Nhled"
......@@ -303,12 +303,13 @@ msgstr "Editor
#: app/info_window.c:308 app/lc_dialog.c:196 app/measure.c:270
#: app/nav_window.c:1366 app/palette.c:2117 app/palette.c:2133
#: app/palette.c:3179 app/palette_select.c:62 app/pattern_select.c:171
#: app/tips_dialog.c:171 app/tools.c:986 app/undo_history.c:761
#: app/preferences_dialog.c:363 app/tips_dialog.c:171 app/tools.c:986
#: app/undo_history.c:761
msgid "Close"
msgstr "Zavt"
#. the feather radius scale
#: app/brush_edit.c:275 app/color_picker.c:181 app/tool_options.c:289
#: app/brush_edit.c:275 app/color_picker.c:181 app/tool_options.c:301
msgid "Radius:"
msgstr "Prmr:"
......@@ -329,7 +330,7 @@ msgstr "
msgid "Brush Selection"
msgstr "Vbr ttce"
#: app/brush_select.c:277 app/gradient.c:798 app/module_db.c:316
#: app/brush_select.c:277 app/gradient.c:798 app/module_db.c:320
#: app/palette.c:2115 app/pattern_select.c:169
msgid "Refresh"
msgstr "Zaktualizovat"
......@@ -338,11 +339,11 @@ msgstr "Zaktualizovat"
msgid "No Brushes available"
msgstr "dn ttec nen kdispozici"
#: app/brush_select.c:446 app/layers_dialog.c:393 app/tool_options.c:595
#: app/brush_select.c:446 app/layers_dialog.c:393 app/tool_options.c:607
msgid "Opacity:"
msgstr "Kryt:"
#: app/brush_select.c:456 app/layers_dialog.c:363 app/tool_options.c:618
#: app/brush_select.c:456 app/layers_dialog.c:363 app/tool_options.c:630
msgid "Mode:"
msgstr "Reim:"
......@@ -389,7 +390,7 @@ msgstr "Vypl
msgid "Pattern Fill"