Commit 7a76bbb2 authored by Sven Neumann's avatar Sven Neumann
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parent c8e371e7
......@@ -18,7 +18,10 @@ Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.0.5
- fixed parsing of SVG transform attributes
- guard against bogus logical screen dimensions in GIF images (#151053)
- fixed use of global context for stroke operations (#150716)
- avoid stack overflows when buecket-filling complex regions (#151124)
- avoid stack overflows when bucket-filling complex regions (#151124)
- fixes to the composite code (#149429, #147013)
- fixed run-with-last-vals mode for vpropagate plug-in (#151308)
- respect the global-brush setting when stroking
Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.0.4
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