Commit 7880711f authored by Elle Stone's avatar Elle Stone Committed by Michael Natterer

Allow full range to Hue-Saturation Lightness slider

Issue #427: Hue-saturation dialog: lightness in 'Master'

For whatever reason that made sense at the time, the current
Hue-Saturation code divides the result of Lightness slider
adjustments by 2, which means the user can't ever move the
Lightness slider to produce a solid white or black image, and
requires multiple iterations if the user wants to make the image
very light or very dark.

This patch just removes the division by 2, thus allowing the full
range of Lightness changes without having to use multiple
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......@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@ map_lightness (GimpHueSaturationConfig *config,
GimpHueRange range,
gdouble value)
gdouble v = (config->lightness[GIMP_HUE_RANGE_ALL] + config->lightness[range]) / 2.0;
gdouble v = (config->lightness[GIMP_HUE_RANGE_ALL] + config->lightness[range]);
if (v < 0)
return value * (v + 1.0);
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