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A new section about "Tip of the Day" translations for README.i18n.

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2000-10-14 Daniel Egger <>
* README.i18n: Added a few words about "Tip of the Day" translations
by <>.
2000-10-14 Austin Donnelly <>
* plug-ins/common/nlfilt.c: applied patch by David Hodson
......@@ -174,13 +174,26 @@ Actually this one is maintained by me, that is Daniel Egger
gimp_domain_plugin_add_with_path() before it registers any functions. Have a
look at the script-fu plug-in to see how it is done in detail.
8. And more?
8. Tip of the Day messages
In addition to message catalogs Gimp provides a file with tips that are
displayed in a Tip of The Day window. Tips in English language are located
in tips/gimp_tips.txt. Translated tips should go into
gimp_tips.<lang>.txt. There is one more thing: You need to make sure you
have the right reference set up in po/<lang>.po file something like this:
#: app/tips_dialog.c:72
msgid "gimp_tips.txt"
msgstr "gimp_tips.<lang>.txt"
9. And more?
I hope I mentioned everything that is worth it and hope that this document
will clarify some things. If it doesn't please write me a mail and tell me
what you want to know. This text of course contains errors, so if you find one
tell it to me, too....
Happy Gimping. Yours,
Daniel Egger
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