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......@@ -6,6 +6,40 @@ are being added. Very soon now, the next stable GIMP release, GIMP 2.2,
will emerge out of this.
Overview of Changes in GIMP 2.1.6
- Added more drawable previews (Color Exchange, DOG, Deinterlace,
Engrave, Oilify, Shift).
- Added new preview widget that shows a scaled view of the full
drawable. Use it for Solid Noise and Plasma.
- Added "Open as Layer" functionality to the menus.
- Implemented the recent-file-spec for shared storage of a list of
recently used files (really URIs).
- Cleaned up plug-in procedure handling. Added the possibility to let
plug-ins and scripts run using a private GimpContext.
- Added multi-line text entries for Script-Fu and Gimp-Python.
- Cleaned up PDB API for brushes, gradients, palettes and patterns.
Deprecated lots of functions and added saner replacements.
- Let GimpView handle pixbuf previews. Added a (themable) drop shadow
to image-file previews.
Michael Natterer, Sven Neumann, David Odin, Maurits Rijk, Dave Neary,
Manish Singh, Robert Oegren, Kevin Cozens, Kevin Turner, Dov Grobgeld,
Joao S. O. Bueno
Overview of Changes in GIMP 2.1.5
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