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HACKING: some update on coding style and other.

Add in particular some notes about alignments and trailing whitespaces.
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......@@ -3,13 +3,17 @@ Requirements
If you want to hack on the GIMP project, it will make your life easier
to have the following packages (or newer versions) installed:
* GNU autoconf 2.54
* GNU autoconf 2.54 or over
* GNU automake 1.9 (automake 1.10 should also work)
* GNU automake 1.13 or over
* GNU libtool 1.5
* GNU libtool 1.5 or over
Alternatively a build with meson 0.54.0 or over is possible but it is
not complete yet, hence not usable for packaging (yet usable for
Fine GNU mirrors are listed at
Beta software can be found at
......@@ -96,7 +100,10 @@ Patches
The best way to submit patches is to provide files created with
git-format-patch. The recommended command for a patch against the
`master` branch is:
$ git format-patch origin/master
It is recommended that you file a bug report at
......@@ -152,6 +159,21 @@ style is enforced. The GIMP coding style is defined as follows:
starting in the first column of the following line. All
parameters are prototyped and there's a new line for each.
* Align relevant listing:
- In declaration and definition of functions, each parameter
should be on a new line and aligned with the first one.
- In function calls, if the call is too long and spans on
several lines, you should align the parameters with the first
- Blocks of variable declaration/initialization should align the
variable names, allowing quick skimming of the variable list.
- Function names in blocks of function declarations should be
* Avoid trailing whitespaces. Any editor should have a function to
warn of trailing spaces/tabs. By default, git colorization also
warns about trailing whitespaces.
The source tree contains local config files which can be used to set the
right coding style in common editors: `.dir-locals.el` for Emacs,
`.kateconfig` for Kate, and `devel-docs/c.vim` for Vim (check the top
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