Commit 6df6332f authored by Jacob Boerema's avatar Jacob Boerema

Issue #987 Corrupt 'gimp-metadata' parasite. Parsing XMP data failed.

XMP metadata saved by GIMP 2.8.x or earlier can have duplicate tags
making the XMP data invalid. There's not much we can do without a
whole lot of processing and complicated code and even then no
guarantee we would catch everything.

Instead let's just try to improve the message to the user so they
will be more likely to understand what's going on.
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......@@ -418,10 +418,16 @@ xcf_load_image (Gimp *gimp,
xmp_length - 10,
/* XMP metadata from 2.8.x or earlier can be really messed up.
* Let's make the message more user friendly so they will
* understand that we can't do anything about it.
* See issue #987. */
gimp_message (gimp, G_OBJECT (info->progress),
_("Corrupt 'gimp-metadata' parasite discovered.\n"
"XMP data could not be migrated: %s"),
_("Corrupt XMP metadata saved by an older version of "
"GIMP could not be converted and will be ignored.\n"
"If you don't know what XMP is, you most likely don't "
"need it. Reported error: %s."),
g_clear_error (&my_error);
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