Commit 6b1aabfa authored by Nils Philippsen's avatar Nils Philippsen
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add git-version.h to BUILT_SOURCES

This is so that it gets built before automake descends into subdirs.
parent 0c0470f9
......@@ -8,6 +8,9 @@ libgimpmodule = $(top_builddir)/libgimpmodule/libgimpmodule-$(GIMP_API_VERSION).
libgimpwidgets = $(top_builddir)/libgimpwidgets/libgimpwidgets-$(GIMP_API_VERSION).la
libgimpthumb = $(top_builddir)/libgimpthumb/libgimpthumb-$(GIMP_API_VERSION).la
# Build git-version.h before anything in the subdirs as this is needed in the
# about dialog.
BUILT_SOURCES = git-version.h
# Sort this by architectural dependencies, lowest level at the top,
# so that when e.g. changing a header-file the subdirs are built in
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