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updates from Xach

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......@@ -22,6 +22,23 @@ Ink tool
special device, Ink will vary its size based on the speed of your
cursor. The results can be remarkably natural-looking.
Smudge tool
This tool lets you push pixels around on the image as if you were
using your finger and "smudging" wet paint.
Dodge & Burn tool
This tool lets you selectively darken or lighten the image.
Quick Mask
With quick mask, you can quickly convert a selection to a visible
red mask and back again. You can edit the mask directly with
painting tools or plugins.
Image selection thumbnails
For dialogs that allow you to choose which image they're associated
with, the menu now has a small thumbnail image to help you
determine which image you're selecting.
'File New' dialog
The new dialog for creating new images allows to use real life
units like centimeters and inches along with a resolution entry.
......@@ -149,6 +166,7 @@ New plug-ins
* WaterSelect - a nifty way to select colors
* NewsPrint - whee, you have to see that
* Guillotine - slices the image up along its guides
* Unsharp Mask
Lots of changes were made to GIMP internals that I don't understand
......@@ -191,6 +209,11 @@ Win32 merging
The patches required for compiling under Win32 are being integrated
into the main GIMP source.
Cursor changes
The cursors now visually indicate selection modes. It's much easier
to tell if you're adding, subtracting, or intersecting a selection
now. Cursors also change depending on your Path mode.
- The painting functions (brush, pencil, airbrush, etc.) have been
optimized, and a new painting option allows you to color with a
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