Commit 6a4b5d15 authored by Sven Neumann's avatar Sven Neumann
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turned enums into a section

parent f74ba3fc
......@@ -22,14 +22,10 @@
<part id="libgimp-constants">
<xi:include href="xml/gimpenums.xml" />
<chapter id="libgimp-general">
<title>Functions not Related to Specific Images</title>
<xi:include href="xml/gimp.xml" />
<xi:include href="xml/gimpenums.xml" />
<xi:include href="xml/gimpbuffer.xml" />
<xi:include href="xml/gimpcontext.xml" />
<xi:include href="xml/gimpgimprc.xml" />
......@@ -41,7 +37,7 @@
<chapter id="libgimp-image">
<title>Manupulating Images and all their Properties</title>
<title>Manupulating Images and their Properties</title>
<xi:include href="xml/gimpchannel.xml" />
<xi:include href="xml/gimpcolor.xml" />
<xi:include href="xml/gimpconvert.xml" />
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