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......@@ -40,11 +40,36 @@ Overview of Changes in GIMP 2.1.3
- Fixes to the Decompose plug-in (bug #147603).
- Added palette selector widgets to libgimpui.
- Allow to disable mnemonics in menus (bug #120034).
- Ported TWAIN plug-in to Mac OS X (bug #147962).
- Support motion event history as provided by some input device drivers.
- Let the undo system know more specifically what an undo step
does. Use that info to keep tools active across modifications to
the image that don't affect the tool (bug #109561).
- Changed default config for keyboard controller to allow scrolling
the display using the cursor keys (#53988).
- Added GimpPreviewArea widget as replacement for the deprecated
GtkPreview widget. Ported most plug-ins to the new widget.
- Added shapes for generated brushes and allow for softer brushes.
- Allow to specify the aspect ratio in the scale tool.
- Lots of bug fixes and other goodies. Check the ChangeLog for details.
Michael Natterer, Sven Neumann, Helvetix Victorinox, Shlomi Fish,
Bill Skaggs, Brion Vibber, Raphael Quinet
Bill Skaggs, Brion Vibber, Raphael Quinet, Simon Budig, David Odin,
Manish Singh, Hans Breuer, Michael Schumacher, Dave Neary
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