Commit 679e3412 authored by Jehan's avatar Jehan

Issue #2431: After coloring a selection and exporting to PDF, file...

... only shows the color (and nothing else) when "Convert bitmaps to
vector graphics where possible" was set.

This is because gimp_drawable_histogram() only checks selected pixels.
So let's make sure we work on a duplicate of the image so that we can
safely remove the selection before processing the export.
parent 4cc00964
......@@ -502,7 +502,6 @@ run (const gchar *name,
for (i = 0; i < multi_page.image_count; i++)
gint32 image_ID = multi_page.images[i];
gboolean exported;
gint32 *layers;
gint32 n_layers;
gdouble x_res, y_res;
......@@ -519,15 +518,18 @@ run (const gchar *name,
cairo_save (cr);
if (gimp_export_image (&image_ID, &temp, NULL,
capabilities) == GIMP_EXPORT_EXPORT)
if (! (gimp_export_image (&image_ID, &temp, NULL,
capabilities) == GIMP_EXPORT_EXPORT))
exported = TRUE;
exported = FALSE;
/* gimp_drawable_histogram() only works within the bounds of
* the selection, which is a problem (see issue #2431).
* Instead of saving the selection, unselecting to later
* reselect, let's just always work on a duplicate of the
* image.
image_ID = gimp_image_duplicate (image_ID);
gimp_selection_none (image_ID);
gimp_image_get_resolution (image_ID, &x_res, &y_res);
x_scale = 72.0 / x_res;
......@@ -701,8 +703,7 @@ run (const gchar *name,
cairo_show_page (cr);
cairo_restore (cr);
if (exported)
gimp_image_delete (image_ID);
gimp_image_delete (image_ID);
/* We are done with all the images - time to free the resources */
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