Commit 643279bd authored by Ell's avatar Ell

Issue #3893 - Error message when exporting to to TIF if there is a layer mask on a group

When exporting to a format that supports layers, but doesn't
support layer masks, merge layer groups with a mask before applying
their mask, since masks can't be applied to layer groups.
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......@@ -193,8 +193,17 @@ export_apply_masks (GimpImage *image,
GimpLayerMask *mask;
mask = gimp_layer_get_mask (iter->data);
if (mask)
gimp_layer_remove_mask (iter->data, GIMP_MASK_APPLY);
/* we can't apply the mask directly to a layer group, so merge it
* first
if (gimp_item_is_group (iter->data))
iter->data = gimp_image_merge_layer_group (image, iter->data);
gimp_layer_remove_mask (iter->data, GIMP_MASK_APPLY);
g_list_free (layers);
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