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I should have mentioned my change to app/interface.c.

parent d342563d
Tue Apr 27 22:59:08 MEST 1999 Sven Neumann <>
* tool_options.c
* tool_options_ui.h: redid the tool_options_radio_buttons_new
* app/tool_options.c
* app/tool_options_ui.h: redid the tool_options_radio_buttons_new
function I introduced yesterday
* tools.c
* tools.h
* toolsF.h: decided that it makes more sense to have a
* app/interface.c: had to add GDK_BUTTON_RELEASE_MASK to the
events the window catches. Hopefully this doesn't break anything.
* app/tools.c
* app/tools.h
* app/toolsF.h: decided that it makes more sense to have a
modifier_key_func instead of a toggle_key_func. That way we can
catch all modifiers. Now if someone knows how to handle non-GDK
cursors, please implement context-cursors for the selection tools.
* bucket_fill.c
* convolve.c
* crop.c
* flip_tool.c: adapted to use the new modifier_key_func
* app/bucket_fill.c
* app/convolve.c
* app/crop.c
* app/flip_tool.c: adapted to use the new modifier_key_func
* all other tools: changed to use standard_modifier_key_func
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