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plug-ins: .jpc is another known extension for JPEG 2000 codestream.

Even though I haven't seen working samples with this extension,
according to some references, this is a common extension for compressed
JPEG 2000 code stream. Also our old plug-in was listing this extension,
so let's do so now as well.

To this day, the only 2 extensions we used to list in the JasPer-based
plug-in and not in the OpenJPEG one are .jpf and .jpx (JPEG 2000 Part-2)
since OpenJPEG does not have support yet. But actually I think the old
plug-in may have simply been "lying" since JasPer website says the
library is meant to implement JPEG-2000 Part-1 standard.
So I believe we are now on par (and even better on many aspects) with
the former plug-in implementation based on libjasper.
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......@@ -168,7 +168,7 @@ query (void)
G_N_ELEMENTS (load_return_vals),
load_args, load_return_vals);
gimp_register_magic_load_handler (LOAD_J2K_PROC,
gimp_register_file_handler_mime (LOAD_J2K_PROC, "image/x-jp2-codestream");
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