Commit 58d82dca authored by Alexia Death's avatar Alexia Death

app: Fix the code that disables outline to be a bit neater

parent 031dc8e6
......@@ -300,7 +300,10 @@ gimp_brush_tool_draw_brush (GimpBrushTool *brush_tool,
g_return_if_fail (GIMP_IS_BRUSH_TOOL (brush_tool));
if (! brush_tool->draw_brush)
/* if we are getting motion calls, the brush core will be busy drawing
* and output provides everything the outline could offer.
if ((! brush_tool->draw_brush) || (brush_tool->in_motion))
draw_tool = GIMP_DRAW_TOOL (brush_tool);
......@@ -319,7 +322,7 @@ gimp_brush_tool_draw_brush (GimpBrushTool *brush_tool,
if (brush_core->brush_bound_segs)
gimp_brush_core_transform_bound_segs (brush_core, options);
if ((brush_core->transformed_brush_bound_segs) && !(brush_tool->in_motion))
if (brush_core->transformed_brush_bound_segs)
GimpDisplayShell *shell = gimp_display_get_shell (draw_tool->display);
gdouble width = brush_core->transformed_brush_bound_width;
......@@ -349,7 +352,7 @@ gimp_brush_tool_draw_brush (GimpBrushTool *brush_tool,
x, y,
else if ((draw_fallback) || (brush_tool->in_motion))
else if (draw_fallback)
gimp_draw_tool_draw_handle (draw_tool, GIMP_HANDLE_CROSS,
x, y,
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