Commit 58b98b94 authored by Jehan's avatar Jehan

libgimpbase: remove case of plug-ins binaries directly under plug-ins/.

In GIMP 3, plug-ins are mandatorily under a subdirectory. Though on GIMP
2.10.x, both cases are still possible. So only the previous commit
should be backported to gimp-2-10 branch.

See discussion in !392.
Thanks also to Christopher Nielsen for helping.
parent c264f0b7
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......@@ -422,18 +422,6 @@ gimp_installation_directory (void)
toplevel = g_strdup (dirname);
else if (! strcmp (basename, "plug-ins"))
/* same for plug-ins, go three levels up from prefix/lib/gimp/x.y */
gchar *tmp = g_path_get_dirname (dirname);
gchar *tmp2 = g_path_get_dirname (tmp);
toplevel = g_path_get_dirname (tmp2);
g_free (tmp);
g_free (tmp2);
else if (! strcmp (g_path_get_basename (dirname), "plug-ins"))
/* same for plug-ins in subdirectory, go three levels up from prefix/lib/gimp/x.y */
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