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Bug 777754 - Failure to recognise installed help system.

It seems that the Windows platform could sometimes return locales in the
form en-GB (so an IETF language tag, I guess) instead of a POSIX locale.
This little hack should take care of the easy cases until we get a
better and generic fix.
parent d2ba594a
......@@ -125,6 +125,22 @@ gimp_help_parse_locales (const gchar *help_locales)
for (p = strchr (s, ':'); p; p = strchr (s, ':'))
gchar *new = g_strndup (s, p - s);
gchar *c;
/* Apparently some systems (i.e. Windows) would return a value as
* IETF language tag, which is a different format from POSIX
* locale; especially it would separate the lang and the region
* with an hyphen instead of an underscore.
* Actually the difference is much deeper, and IETF language tags
* can have extended language subtags, a script subtag, variants,
* moreover using different codes.
* We'd actually need to look into this in details (TODO).
* this dirty hack should do for easy translation at least (like
* "en-GB" -> "en_GB).
c = strchr (new, '-');
if (c)
*c = '_';
locales = g_list_append (locales, new);
s = p + 1;
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