Commit 4ff7f23d authored by Jehan's avatar Jehan
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build: last dependency for a full flatpak build, temporarily disabled.

The last stable WebkitGTK is 2.14.3 but that apparently corresponds to
WebkitGTK4 (which is already in the GNOME runtime). We need an older
version, and the last available would be 2.4.11.
I disable it though because the build failed in my test but let's save
my work-in-progress.
parent 2bef3445
......@@ -245,6 +245,20 @@
"name": "webkitgtk",
"disabled": true,
"config-opts": [ "--with-gtk=2.0", "--disable-webkit2", "--disable-geolocation", "--disable-video",
"--disable-spellcheck", "--disable-credential-storage", "--disable-web-audio" ],
"cleanup": [ "/share/doc", "/bin" ],
"sources": [
"type": "archive",
"url": "",
"sha256": "588aea051bfbacced27fdfe0335a957dca839ebe36aa548df39c7bbafdb65bf7"
"name": "babl",
"config-opts": [ "--disable-docs" ],
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