Commit 4cddd754 authored by Tuomas Kuosmanen's avatar Tuomas Kuosmanen
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Corrected a missing \n from it.po /tigert

parent 70e52e34
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ msgstr " -v --version Mostra la versione del programma.\n"
#: app/main.c:273
msgid " -b --batch <commands> Run in batch mode.\n"
msgstr " -b --batch <comandi> Esegue comandi in modalit batch"
msgstr " -b --batch <comandi> Esegue comandi in modalit batch.\n"
#: app/main.c:274
msgid " -g --gimprc <gimprc> Use an alternate gimprc file.\n"
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