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Bug 795693 - GIMP doesn't enable visibility of vector layers in PSD

In the file-psd plug-in, ignore the 'irrelevant' flag of layers
when loading PSD files; in particular, don't hide such layers
unconditionally.  The 'irrelevant' flag seems to indicate that the
layer's content can be entirely derived without using the layer's
pixel data, and not that the layer itself it irrelevant.
parent d8ae5481
......@@ -1464,11 +1464,23 @@ add_layers (gint32 image_id,
/* Flags */
gimp_layer_set_lock_alpha (layer_id, lyr_a[lidx]->layer_flags.trans_prot);
gimp_item_set_visible (layer_id, lyr_a[lidx]->layer_flags.visible);
#if 0
/* according to the spec, the 'irrelevant' flag indicates
* that the layer's "pixel data is irrelevant to the
* appearance of the document". what this seems to mean is
* not that the layer doesn't contribute to the image, but
* rather that its appearance can be entirely derived from
* sources other than the pixel data, such as vector data.
* in particular, this doesn't mean that the layer is
* invisible. since we only support raster layers atm, we can
* just ignore this flag.
if (lyr_a[lidx]->layer_flags.irrelevant &&
lyr_a[lidx]->group_type == 0)
gimp_item_set_visible (layer_id, FALSE);
/* Position */
if (l_x != 0 || l_y != 0)
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