Commit 450ebd5e authored by lillolollo's avatar lillolollo

App gimptooleditor fix tooltip text

parent ee2a65af
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......@@ -247,23 +247,23 @@ gimp_tool_editor_constructed (GObject *object)
tool_editor->priv->raise_button =
gimp_editor_add_button (GIMP_EDITOR (tool_editor), GIMP_ICON_GO_UP,
_("Raise this tool"),
_("Raise this tool to the top"),
_("Raise this item"),
_("Raise this item to the top"),
G_CALLBACK (gimp_tool_editor_raise_clicked),
G_CALLBACK (gimp_tool_editor_raise_extend_clicked),
tool_editor->priv->lower_button =
gimp_editor_add_button (GIMP_EDITOR (tool_editor), GIMP_ICON_GO_DOWN,
_("Lower this tool"),
_("Lower this tool to the bottom"),
_("Lower this item"),
_("Lower this item to the bottom"),
G_CALLBACK (gimp_tool_editor_lower_clicked),
G_CALLBACK (gimp_tool_editor_lower_extend_clicked),
tool_editor->priv->delete_button =
gimp_editor_add_button (GIMP_EDITOR (tool_editor), GIMP_ICON_EDIT_DELETE,
_("Delete this tool"), NULL,
_("Delete this tool group"), NULL,
G_CALLBACK (gimp_tool_editor_delete_clicked),
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