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......@@ -199,10 +199,26 @@ modify a subset of the channels.
All brushes in gimp are implemented as greyscale bitmap masks. They
are 8-bit greyscale and provide 256 levels of grey.
The format for the Brush file is the .gbr format (Gimp brush). Gimp
includes a file plugin to load and save this format, so brushes can be
created and edited using GIMP itself.
These brushes can be used by any of the paint tools (paintbrush,
airbrush, clone, etc).
Brushes are completely customizable and are not limited to simple
pre-made shapes. Any greyscale image can conceivibly used as a brush.
\section{xcf format}
\subsection{Gradient tool}
The gradient tool lets the user easily create color gradients. It
......@@ -270,7 +286,24 @@ The \gimp\ core consists of 215\footnote{In version 0.99.16. This
number tends to go up with time.} procedures which operate on images
in a great variety of ways.
The procedures register themselves in the Procedural Database (or
PDB). All plugins have access to all the procedures in the PDB, and
most of the scripting extentions provide full access to the PDB. The
PDB is basically an API for programming high level internal \gimp\
functions and procedures.
\FIXME{General overview}
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