Commit 3af6b2ea authored by Alexander Jones's avatar Alexander Jones Committed by Martin Nordholts

Bug 593501 - Canvas Size dialog defaults to fixed aspect ratio

Default to non-fixed aspect ratio in Canvas Size dialog. It doesn't
make sense to deault to fixed aspect ratio here.
parent 02c8835e
......@@ -174,7 +174,7 @@ resize_dialog_new (GimpViewable *viewable,
"unit", unit,
"xresolution", xres,
"yresolution", yres,
"keep-aspect", TRUE,
"keep-aspect", FALSE,
"edit-resolution", FALSE,
......@@ -363,10 +363,6 @@ resize_dialog_reset (ResizeDialog *private)
"height", private->old_height,
"unit", private->old_unit,
g_object_set (private->box,
"keep-aspect", TRUE,
static void
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