Commit 37bb32f3 authored by Tuomas Kuosmanen's avatar Tuomas Kuosmanen
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Some ideas for TODO /tigert

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1998-12-22 Tuomas Kuosmanen <>
* TODO: added some GUI ideas..
Mon Dec 21 22:00:59 PST 1998 Manish Singh <>
* NEWS: nice file from Xach
......@@ -4,6 +4,22 @@ even better. Insight into possible ways to implement are even better
than that.
a few GUI things suggestions...
1) Zoom-indicator to titlebar [ Foo.xcf.gz-1.0 (50%, RGB) ]
2) Crop tool could have an optional shader for the outside area
so when you crop, the area outside would show in a darker color /
user definable color / black / white etc.. (maybe a selector for
the outside area: ____________
Outside fill: [|_none_______| - ]
| black |
| white |
| shade 50% |
That would be very handy for cropping scanned photos etc -
one would see the result much easier apart from the rest.
gui/functionality separation
both file scope wise and in use, particulary so that
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