Commit 33377027 authored by Marc Lehmann's avatar Marc Lehmann
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see plug-ins/perl/Changes

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......@@ -14,11 +14,15 @@ bugs
* install even without Gtk? NO!
* perl_fu_webify in
* wait for working gimp_file_load (or do it myself?)
* get rid of xs_exit. please please fuck me plenty.
important issues
* Gimp::IO (?)
* Gimp::Fu import after Gimp? use Gimp::main for Gimp::Fu??
* generic config query mechanism
* Gimp->server_eval()
* supply a gimp-1.1 compatible gimp_progress_init
* install scripts in share/
[DONE] * fix auto-edit shebang for check-ins
[DONE] * gimp-tiles are not accessible in any way..
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