Commit 2db0bf19 authored by Luca Bacci's avatar Luca Bacci Committed by Jehan
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Use MessageBoxW ()

parent 7b9e9ef7
......@@ -417,8 +417,16 @@ gimp_eek (const gchar *reason,
#if defined (G_OS_WIN32) && ! defined (GIMP_CONSOLE_COMPILATION)
/* g_on_error_* don't do anything reasonable on Win32. */
if (! eek_handled && ! the_errors_gimp->no_interface)
MessageBox (NULL, g_strdup_printf ("%s: %s", reason, message),
full_prog_name, MB_OK|MB_ICONERROR);
char *utf8 = g_strdup_printf ("%s: %s", reason, message);
wchar_t *utf16 = g_utf8_to_utf16 (utf8, -1, NULL, NULL, NULL);
MessageBoxW (NULL, utf16 ? utf16 : L"Generic error",
g_free (utf16);
g_free (utf8);
/* Let's try to back-up all unsaved images!
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