Commit 29dff58a authored by Jehan's avatar Jehan
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build: more `meson setup` syntax update.

parent e360cef0
......@@ -58,14 +58,14 @@ git clone --depth=${GIT_DEPTH} _gegl
mkdir _babl/_build
cd _babl/_build
meson -Dprefix="${GIMP_PREFIX}" -Dwith-docs=false \
meson setup -Dprefix="${GIMP_PREFIX}" -Dwith-docs=false \
ninja install
mkdir ../../_gegl/_build
cd ../../_gegl/_build
meson -Dprefix="${GIMP_PREFIX}" -Ddocs=false \
meson setup -Dprefix="${GIMP_PREFIX}" -Ddocs=false \
-Dcairo=enabled -Dumfpack=enabled \
-Dopenexr=enabled -Dworkshop=true \
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