Commit 249b20d1 authored by Seth Burgess's avatar Seth Burgess

Updating my info

parent 1cb0a49f
...@@ -142,11 +142,10 @@ cvs commit access: yes ...@@ -142,11 +142,10 @@ cvs commit access: yes
Name: Seth Burgess Name: Seth Burgess
Email: Email:
url: url:
ircnick: sjburges ircnick: sjburges
expertise: replying to bug reports, a little plug-in debugging, script expertise: gimp-perl, core hackery (tools,etc), plug-ins
writing, gimp-perl scripts current projects: bringing tools back to life, hoping to add to them
current projects: mostly just bug replies, gimp-perl scripts
commit access: yes commit access: yes
Name: Tuomas Kuosmanen Name: Tuomas Kuosmanen
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