Commit 21ba16c6 authored by William Skaggs's avatar William Skaggs

Bill Skaggs <>

	* devel-docs/ggr.txt: added new file decribing the ggr
	(Gimp gradient) file format.
parent f168881c
2004-08-25 Bill Skaggs <>
* devel-docs/ggr.txt: added new file decribing the ggr
(Gimp gradient) file format.
2004-08-25 DindinX <>
* app/display/gimpnavigationview.c
The .ggr file format.
GGR files are used to store GIMP gradients. A gradient consists of a
series of consecutive *segments* spanning the range from 0 to 1. Each
segment has the following attributes:
Left Endpoint coordinate: (double)
Left Endpoint color (RGBA color)
Right Endpoint coordinate (double)
Right Endpoint color (RGBA color)
Midpoint coordinate (double)
Blend function (enum; values are 0 = "linear", 1 = "curved",
2 = "sinusoidal", 3 = "spherical (increasing)",
4 = "spherical (decreasing)")
Color type (enum; values are 0 = "RGB", 1 = "HSV CCW", 2 = "HSV CW")
A GGR file is an ASCII file structured as follows:
Line 1: "GIMP Gradient"
Line 2: "Name: " followed by the name of the gradient
Line 3: the number of segments
The remaining lines consist of segment specifications. There must be
one line for each segment. Each line contains 13 numbers -- the first
11 are floats, the remaining 2 are ints. Here is what each field
Field Meaning
0 Left endpoint coordinate
1 Midpoint coordinate
2 Right endpoint coordinate
3 Left endpoint R
4 Left endpoint G
5 Left endpoint B
6 Left endpoint A
7 Right endpoint R
8 Right endpoint G
9 Right endpoint B
10 Right endpoint A
11 Blend function type
12 Color type
The left endpoint coordinate of each segment must equal the right
endpoint coordinate of the preceding segment.
Note: This is a description of the *new* gradient file format. In
earlier versions of GIMP a different format was used.
Note: A few of the gradients that are included with Gimp are treated
as special cases, for which shades of gray are replaced with
proportionate blends of the current foreground and background colors.
There is currently no way to make this happen for a custom gradient,
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