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devel-docs: update the release procedure regarding appdata contents.

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......@@ -21,14 +21,19 @@
Mac OS and flatpak of the upcoming release so they have some time
to sort out issues with their builds.
( ) If this is a stable release, make sure we have a <release> tag
inside desktop/ for this upcoming version.
( ) Make sure we have a <release> tag inside
desktop/ for this upcoming version,
with type="development" for development or RC releases (set
type="stable", or just no type for stable releases).
Some installers may feature more prominently software with recent
releases if the appropriate tag was set (e.g. GNOME Software has a
"Recent Releases" category).
If a description is added, it may be featured in installers and
will be translatable (use <_p> or <_li> tags to make the strings
localizable). So it is better to prepare the description text as
early as possible.
( ) Wait until the date specified in the announcements, use this time
to get bug fixes applied which don't modify strings.
......@@ -62,6 +67,10 @@
Therefore anything smaller than fullHD will look tiny and
unsuited on a 4K or higher res display).
( ) If ever the actual release date evolved and is different from the
planned date, update the "date" in the <release> tag of the appdata
in: desktop/
( ) Bump the version number to an even micro in and
commit this change. It should be the version number of the
release you are about to make. Releases always have even micro
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