Commit 1fc03106 authored by Kevin Cozens's avatar Kevin Cozens Committed by Kevin Cozens
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tiny-fu/tiny-fu.c tiny-fu/tiny-fu-scripts.c Added support for

2004-11-18  Kevin Cozens  <>

	* tiny-fu/tiny-fu.c
	* tiny-fu/tiny-fu-scripts.c
	* tiny-fu/tiny-fu-scripts.h: Added support for (tiny-fu-menu-register)
	to allow scripts to register their menu_paths the same undeprecated
	way as plug-ins. Fixes bug #158117. Renamed tiny_fu_find_scripts() to
	tiny_fu_load_all_scripts(). Added calls to gettext() since TinyScheme
	no longer translates marked strings. In tiny_fu_script_proc() changed
	some uses of params variable that should have been param.

	* tiny-fu/tiny-fu-interface.c: Added a utility function to reduce
	code duplication.

	* tiny-fu/ts-wrapper.c: Added support for (tiny-fu-menu-register).

	* tinyscheme/scheme.c: Don't call gettext() on strings marked for
	translation. De-tabified file.

	* scripts/test-sphere.sct: Example use of new API for scripts.
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