Commit 1ac1e623 authored by Austin Donnelly's avatar Austin Donnelly

update of anon-cvs info to track new location

Also changed default compression value to -z3, not -z9
parent 48ebaf8b
......@@ -34,10 +34,10 @@ If at all possible, please use CVS to get the latest development version of
gimp, as well as the CVS version of gtk+. You can do the following to get
gimp and gtk+ from cvs:
$ export CVSROOT=''
$ export CVSROOT=''
$ cvs login
(there is no password, just hit return)
$ cvs -z9 checkout gtk+ gimp
$ cvs -z3 checkout gtk+ gimp
Please submit patches to the mailing
list. All kinds of contributions are accepted. Patches that you wish to go
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