Commit 1abd415a authored by Michael Natterer's avatar Michael Natterer 😴
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app: fix GimpForegroundSelectTool after GimpFreeSelectTool changes

The free select tool now commits on double click inside a closed
polygon, which caused the foreground select tool to switch modes in
the middle of a click, breaking both its own and its parent class'

Fixed by detecting whether the commit was done by double click and
delaying the mode switch until after the parent class button release
code is done.

Unrelated: Don't call both COMMIT and HALT, the generic tool mechanism
does that automatically now, forgot to port this file.
parent 5d0e17c5
......@@ -403,7 +403,7 @@ gimp_foreground_select_tool_button_press (GimpTool *tool,
g_array_append_val (fg_select->stroke, point);
if (!gimp_draw_tool_is_active (draw_tool))
if (! gimp_draw_tool_is_active (draw_tool))
gimp_draw_tool_start (draw_tool, display);
gimp_draw_tool_resume (draw_tool);
......@@ -424,6 +424,14 @@ gimp_foreground_select_tool_button_release (GimpTool *tool,
GIMP_TOOL_CLASS (parent_class)->button_release (tool, coords, time, state,
release_type, display);
/* see comment in gimp_foreground_select_tool_select() */
if (fg_select->in_double_click)
gimp_foreground_select_tool_set_trimap (fg_select);
fg_select->in_double_click = FALSE;
......@@ -899,7 +907,20 @@ gimp_foreground_select_tool_select (GimpFreeSelectTool *free_sel,
0, 0, 0.5);
gimp_scan_convert_free (scan_convert);
gimp_foreground_select_tool_set_trimap (fg_select);
if (! gimp_tool_control_is_active (GIMP_TOOL (fg_select)->control))
gimp_foreground_select_tool_set_trimap (fg_select);
/* if the tool is active we got here by double click
* detected in the parent class. We can't switch to trimap
* mode in the middle of a click. Set a flag and let
* button_release() forward the release to the parent class
* so it can conclude its operation
fg_select->in_double_click = TRUE;
......@@ -1154,7 +1175,7 @@ gimp_foreground_select_tool_response (GimpToolGui *gui,
gimp_tool_control (tool, GIMP_TOOL_ACTION_COMMIT, tool->display);
/* fallthru */
gimp_tool_control (tool, GIMP_TOOL_ACTION_HALT, tool->display);
......@@ -48,6 +48,7 @@ struct _GimpForegroundSelectTool
GimpFreeSelectTool parent_instance;
MattingState state;
gboolean in_double_click;
GimpCoords last_coords;
GArray *stroke;
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