Commit 184762cd authored by Ell's avatar Ell

app: fix empty mask when duplicating a group layer

In gimp_group_layer_mask_changed(), avoid recalculating the group's
bounding box if it hasn't been calculated yet, since, not only is
this unnecessary in this case, but it causes the group's mask to
be erroneously clipped upon duplication, when set by
gimp_layer_duplicate() while the group is still empty.
parent 44cc7d23
......@@ -1154,13 +1154,21 @@ gimp_group_layer_excludes_backdrop_changed (GimpLayer *layer)
static void
gimp_group_layer_mask_changed (GimpLayer *layer)
GimpGroupLayer *group = GIMP_GROUP_LAYER (layer);
GimpGroupLayer *group = GIMP_GROUP_LAYER (layer);
GimpGroupLayerPrivate *private = GET_PRIVATE (layer);
g_warn_if_fail (GET_PRIVATE (layer)->suspend_mask == 0);
gimp_layer_update_effective_mode (layer);
gimp_group_layer_update_size (group);
/* if we've already computed a bounding box, update it now, since the mask
* limits the bounding box to the group's size. if we haven't computed a
* bounding box yet we can skip this, and, in fact, we have to, or else the
* mask will be improperly clipped when the group is duplicated, discarding
* its data.
if (! gegl_rectangle_is_empty (&private->bounding_box))
gimp_group_layer_update (group);
if (GIMP_LAYER_CLASS (parent_class)->mask_changed)
GIMP_LAYER_CLASS (parent_class)->mask_changed (layer);
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